Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dollish Polish - Penny... Penny... Penny... ft. Born Pretty Store Striping Tape

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'm wearing another beauty from the genius that is Dollish Polish - Penny... Penny... Penny...

An unusual colour with a peach base full of copper glitters.

And of course the name is very apt.  The Big Bang Theory fans out there will get it.

I've tried out some striping tape too that I got from BornPrettyStore, I got this in these fabulous value Lucky Bags here.

Useful for making pretty designs, you can also do as I've done here BUT leave the tape a bit longer, paint over it with a contrasting colour and remove the tape,  I'll do a design like this soon.

Be sure to check out Born Pretty Store for lots of fabulous pretties and don't forget to use STPX31 for 10% discount of all full price items, and don't forget the free worldwide shipping!

And don't forget to check out Dolly's gorgeous polishes here. I'm such a huge fan of them (and I'm aiming for 100 to become one of Dolly's girls).

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