Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nail Lacquer UK - Fluttershy ft. Born Pretty Store - Hello Kitty Decals

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm wearing a My Little Pony themed polish from the talented Nail Lacquer UK - Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is a quietly spoken pony with a love for animals.  This polish captures her perfectly!  Soft lemon with an array of pastel glitters, blue, pink, yellow, mint.

It's such a flattering yellow polish (which isn't something that's easy to do).

I've jazzed these up even more with these super girly Hello Kitty decals that I got from BornPrettyStore, I got these in these fabulous value Lucky Bags here.

I really love Hello Kitty, one of my fave stuffed toys is a TY Beanie of her with some "cats-eye" specs on, my lovely ex-colleagues bought me it as part of my leaving gift in my last job.

Be sure to check out Born Pretty Store for lots of fabulous pretties and don't forget to use STPX31 for 10% discount of all full price items, and don't forget the free worldwide shipping!

I hope you'll also stop by Nail Lacquer UK's store here.


  1. Pretty polish and how fun that the decals bring out the glitters in it!

  2. So cute, the decals are just perfect on top of Fluttershy.


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