Friday, 28 February 2014

No.7 - Daisy Darling

Hello lovelies!

This is No.7 - Daisy Darling, I got this at Christmas in a set from the Boots sale (50% off it would be rude not too).

A clear base with large pink glitters and pink micro-glitters.
I'm wearing 2 coats over Allure pink press-ons.

I added this fab silver masquerade mask decal to fancy them up a bit.
I like this glitter and think it would be pretty over a contrasting base.

You can get similar decals at Born Pretty Store and using STPX31 you'll get 10% off full price items (don't forget the free delivery)!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jess - Breathless

Hello lovelies!

Here's another of the fabulous polishes that I bought from Poundland.  Jess - Breathless.
I'm wearing it over Allure baby blue press-ons.

Breathless is not quite a creme not quite a crelly.  I'm not sure what this would be like on the naked nail but it's similar to Models Own Indian Ocean which I recall required undies.
It's baby blue with a very visible pink shimmer, I love that the shimmer transfers so well.
I wore 2 coats but like I say I think you'd need undies.

I'm so impressed with these Jess polishes that I've picked up a few more.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Jess - Disco Diva

Hello lovelies!

This is Jess - Disco Diva.
Jess seems to be a Poundland brand but I've got to say they're pretty darn good!
I'm also wearing purple Allure press-ons from Poundland).

This is a fairly dense glitter, the glitters are all one size and although I've got a purple base it would be possible to build up the layers to make it opaque.  There are purple and blue glitters in this mix.
This was only 2 coats.

For £1 you cannot fault this polish.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NOPI - Strike a Pose & Nail Lacquer UK - Scootaloo

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a creme/glitter combo.
Nicole by OPI - Stroke a Pose which was a TK Maxx Bargain.
Nail Lacquer UK (which is sadly no longer trading) - Scootaloo which I got from their Etsy shop.

Nail Lacquer UK - Scootaloo is a clear base with purple and orange satin glitters.  This was from Nail Lacquer UK's My Little Pony Collection.

The formula was ok. I painted 1 coat on and dabbed the next.

NOPI - Strike a Pose is an orange based coral creme.  Looks lovely in the bottle, didn't suit my skin tone.
I used 2 coats.

I like this combo and next time I'll try the glitter over a different base.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall & Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens

Hello lovelies!

Here we have Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall which was gifted to me by a fellow nail lover.  Topped with Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens, I probably got this in a lucky dip or in one of Nails Inc bundles they do.  And I'm using some fab nail vinyls.

Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall is a blue jelly, just full of glitters.  Blue, silver and teal, the teal really pops!
For a jelly this had a really nice formula (I don't get on with all jellies), this is 3 thin coats.

Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens is a silver holo.  For a main stream brand the holo is quite good and this is 1 thick coat.

I love using Nail Vinyls, I bought them here.  They're super easy to use.  Apply the base, let it dry, stick on vinyls, paint over and remove.  Seal with a top coat.  I use tweezers when applying and removing them.

Lumine Hall is a gorgeous polish and I was really impressed with the colour and finish of Oakley Gardens, the nail vinyls just make this mani fun!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Glam Polish - Fraggle Rock

Hello lovelies!

"Dance your cares away!
Worries for another day.
Let the music play.
Down at Fraggle Rock!"

I love Glam Polish and Fraggle Rock so a Glam Polish called Fraggle Rock was a no-brainer!
I bought this in a huge haul direct from Glam Polish as my friend lives in Oz and was coming for a visit so that saved me on delivery.

Fraggle Rock is a duck-egg blue creme. There's also glitter. Blue, pink and white in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The glitter blended well and application was fine.

The formula of this was lovely it applied really smoothly.  This is 3 coats (2 was fine but I always add 1 more than needed, no idea why).

I loved this polish and from the stash I bought I've yet to find one that I dislike.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nails Inc - Mayfair Mews

Hello lovelies!

I'm going to say straight up that I didn't love this polish.  
Nails Inc - Mayfair Mew is a Fibre Optic which is code for bar glitter.

Dark blue holo bar glitters, they were sticking out all over the place.  I was so glad that I wore these over Allure (Poundland) purple press-ons.

As much of a fail as this polish was for me, the snowflake decals make it a cute mani. 

Ellagee - Bronies Forever & Pegasisters Forever

Hello lovelies!

Here we have not only some fabulous polish but polish that is supporting a very good cause.

Ellagee - Bronies Forever along with Pegasisters Forever was created by Ellagee in support of the Michael Morones Recovery Fund.

"Michael Morones, an 11 year old boy in North Carolina, recently attempted to take his own life due to bullying received on account of being a fan of the show 'My Little Pony'. Fortunately, the attempt was caught and halted in time to save his life, but he sustained severe brain damage. The family has reached out and is asking if the community from the show he loves can help out with the medical expenses."

To start you all know that I'm a huge pony fan!  I'm a 29 year old woman and I love My Little Pony.  I've also been bullied as a child but I was fortunate to have the strength to stand up to those bullies.  I hate bullying and I pity those that are so insecure with their own lives they feel the need to take it out on others.  So if you feel so inclined, please click the above link and donate or buy these fab polishes from Ellagee, heck there are even dudes in America getting MLP tattoos!  

This is Bronies Forever but I'll be honest and as soon as I saw it I thought Rainbow Dash. (I have Rainbow Dash's cutie mark tattooed on my leg).

A baby blue milky base with multi-coloured glitters, it's just a stunner.  3 coats for perfection.

Here we have Pegasisters forever, a milky pink, not unlike that of Pinkie Pie with multi-coloured glitters.  3 coats again though you could get away with 2.

I just want to say suicide is never the answer, there's always someone you can turn to. Love n hugs xoxox

Friday, 21 February 2014

Nostalgic - Bitchcraft

Hello lovelies!

This is a new to me brand, it was a gift from a friend.

Nostalgic - Bitchcraft is a pea green jelly, with blue, black, red and purple glitters.  I've used it over Allure (Poundland) mint press-ons.

Decided to add a bit of girly bling with silver and rhinestone 3D bow decals from Born Pretty Store.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Flower Power (c/o Born Pretty Store)

Hello lovelies!  

So, according to Ciaté flowers are the new "on-trend" nail art this season.  
That's fine but I'm not paying their prices, I actually have had these flowers for the guts of a year.  I got them from Born Pretty Store.

Super easy to use, I applied Essence - A Piece of Forever and once dry dabbed some clear polish, applied the flowers and then added top coat.

A pretty and fun mani.

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