Sunday, 23 February 2014

Glam Polish - Fraggle Rock

Hello lovelies!

"Dance your cares away!
Worries for another day.
Let the music play.
Down at Fraggle Rock!"

I love Glam Polish and Fraggle Rock so a Glam Polish called Fraggle Rock was a no-brainer!
I bought this in a huge haul direct from Glam Polish as my friend lives in Oz and was coming for a visit so that saved me on delivery.

Fraggle Rock is a duck-egg blue creme. There's also glitter. Blue, pink and white in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The glitter blended well and application was fine.

The formula of this was lovely it applied really smoothly.  This is 3 coats (2 was fine but I always add 1 more than needed, no idea why).

I loved this polish and from the stash I bought I've yet to find one that I dislike.

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