Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NOPI - Strike a Pose & Nail Lacquer UK - Scootaloo

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a creme/glitter combo.
Nicole by OPI - Stroke a Pose which was a TK Maxx Bargain.
Nail Lacquer UK (which is sadly no longer trading) - Scootaloo which I got from their Etsy shop.

Nail Lacquer UK - Scootaloo is a clear base with purple and orange satin glitters.  This was from Nail Lacquer UK's My Little Pony Collection.

The formula was ok. I painted 1 coat on and dabbed the next.

NOPI - Strike a Pose is an orange based coral creme.  Looks lovely in the bottle, didn't suit my skin tone.
I used 2 coats.

I like this combo and next time I'll try the glitter over a different base.

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