Monday, 24 February 2014

Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall & Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens

Hello lovelies!

Here we have Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall which was gifted to me by a fellow nail lover.  Topped with Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens, I probably got this in a lucky dip or in one of Nails Inc bundles they do.  And I'm using some fab nail vinyls.

Rainbow Honey - Lumine Hall is a blue jelly, just full of glitters.  Blue, silver and teal, the teal really pops!
For a jelly this had a really nice formula (I don't get on with all jellies), this is 3 thin coats.

Nails Inc - Oakley Gardens is a silver holo.  For a main stream brand the holo is quite good and this is 1 thick coat.

I love using Nail Vinyls, I bought them here.  They're super easy to use.  Apply the base, let it dry, stick on vinyls, paint over and remove.  Seal with a top coat.  I use tweezers when applying and removing them.

Lumine Hall is a gorgeous polish and I was really impressed with the colour and finish of Oakley Gardens, the nail vinyls just make this mani fun!

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