Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Cupcake Polish - Apartment 4B

Hello lovelies!

Here's a mani I recently wore featuring the beautiful Cupcake Polish - Apartment 4B I won in a giveaway. 

A gorgeous green jelly packed full of green and pink glitters. 

This is just a beautiful polish and I did enjoy the tv series too 😉

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hello lovelies!!

Another comic themed mani today. I'm hoping to go see the new Spider-Man movie. I can't believe I've not seen it yet, that's so unlike me!

As I was planning to do this post I got the perfect red polish in the mail. Dollish Polish - Ms. Monroe. A Ruby red jelly packed full of red and holo glitters. It's got such a gorgeous sparkle. 

I've stamped my accent nails with Spider-Mans face. Funny thing is I could never get this stamping plate to work before and suddenly it does!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

X-Men - Days of Future Past

Hello lovelies!

So I was heading to the movies with a friend to see the new X-Men movie "Days of Future Past" and being me I had to have themed nails. 

I went Old Skool colours of yellow and blue and it was the perfect chance to wear my new Jindie Nails - Mr. President. 

Me. President is a jelly blue full of blue, silver, gold and red glitters. 

I wore Color Club - Almost Famous on my accent nails and stamped with the X-Men logo. Though after I'd done this I spotted a Wolverine stamp and was a bit pissed at my blindness lol. 

Needless to say the movie was awesome and I looked like a total geek with my Marvel tee and X-Men nails. 

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