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What's on my nails...

Hello lovelies!
Well it's been a short week "work-wise" for me as it was a bank holiday weekend here in Northern Ireland. 
Despite the long weekend I didn't get up to much apart from a wee trip to Belfast (Build-A-Bear may have been involved) and it was the 2014 World Cup Final (Germany won, my faves Holland finished third). 
I started the week wearing:
Dollish Polish - Millenium Falcon

Admittedly purchased and then this week wore this polish purely for the name but it turns out it's a nice twinkling silver without being garish. 
Glam Polish - Purple Minion Madness

Dollish Polish - Rolling on the River Undies: Essie - Bikini So Teeny
(I love this purely because Tina Turner -Proud Mary is my party piece!)

Well, I'm cutting the post short this week, it's only Wednesday but I'm off on my hollibobs tomorrow so that'll be a post of it's very own!

Weekly Round-Up

Hello lovelies!
I decided to try something different. As you know I used to post daily but I just can't do that now. So here is my weekly round up...
Sinful Colors - Un-Named Purple (I bought it in poundland and there was no label) Nubar - Star Sparkle

Picture Polish - Whimsy

What have you had on your nails this week?

Benefit - They're Real Push-Up Liner

Hello lovelies!
I've always been a huge Benefit fan, especially of They're Real Mascara. 
So when I saw they were releasing an eyeliner in the same range I had to try it!
I've never been great with eyeliner but this is quite user friendly. 
(it is even it's just the way I've my bake positioned lol)

Well... How did I do?
I think it worked quite well and it stayed out. Thank goodness for Lush Ultrabland which just melted it right off!

Birthday Celebrations - Round 1

Hello lovelies! 
Saturday 5th of July 2014 (I'm writing now and hoping to post ASAP)
I'm attempting to come back from a fairly long in scheduled absence. And There is no reasoning behind it other than other things have simply taken priority. 
I've developed a rather decent social life so most weekends I'm out and about somewhere.  I've started back at the gym and I go 3 nights a week (I do Spin and Pump both nights). I also try (I say try) to get out walking at the weekends but walking round the shops counts, right? I'm also job hunting as my current contract is due to finish soon which has been a bit stressful but I'm sure something will come up. 
Anyway this is the year myself and my close friends turn the BIG 3-0! 
I'd been fine about it until I saw the episode of Friends "The One Where They All Turn 30" and then I had a mini meltdown. I'm fine now though haha!
Anyway tonight is the first round of my celebrations. I say first as I'…