Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What's on my nails...

Hello lovelies!

Well it's been a short week "work-wise" for me as it was a bank holiday weekend here in Northern Ireland. 

Despite the long weekend I didn't get up to much apart from a wee trip to Belfast (Build-A-Bear may have been involved) and it was the 2014 World Cup Final (Germany won, my faves Holland finished third). 

I started the week wearing:

Dollish Polish - Millenium Falcon

Admittedly purchased and then this week wore this polish purely for the name but it turns out it's a nice twinkling silver without being garish. 

Glam Polish - Purple Minion Madness

Dollish Polish - Rolling on the River
Undies: Essie - Bikini So Teeny

(I love this purely because Tina Turner -Proud Mary is my party piece!)

Well, I'm cutting the post short this week, it's only Wednesday but I'm off on my hollibobs tomorrow so that'll be a post of it's very own!

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