Sunday, 24 August 2014

Zultanite Beauty

Hello lovelies!

This is a slightly different post.  I'm focussing on some beautiful jewellery today and a specific gemstone that I got while in Turkey.

I'm lucky to have a lovely jeweller from whom I have a number of equisite pieces, he and his family have become great friends of mine and I've been shopping there for 11 years.

Here I have 2 beautiful sterling silver rings set with a stone called Zultanite.  As you can see in some pictures the stones are green and in others pink.  It really is an amazing gem that changes colour depending on what sort of light; natural -v- artificial it is exposed to.

Please check out Firat Silver Marmaris on Facebook for more beauties like these.

Artificial Light

Natural Light

Artificial Light

Natural Light

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