Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blue & Purple Leopard Print

Hello lovelies!

Whilst my blogging still isn't up to the par it was I'm enjoying painting my nails so I will share them when I can =)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Crumpet's Nail Tarts - 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Week 3

Hello lovelies!

Week 3 of the Challenge the options were 60s pattern and matte/texture. I had every intention of mattifying this mani but I forgot. Oops!

I went with the typical garish floral pattern. 

And I thought you can't go wrong with such clashing colours. 

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tuesday Round Up - 14/10/14

Hello lovelies!

I've not done much with my nails this week. A few challenge manis which you'll see eventually. 

They're Hereeee! Should be blue but it went a bit awry (Dolly has however re-formulated and re-released it.)

It does however look fab over black!!

Happy Tuesday!! Xo

Monday, 6 October 2014

Crumpet's Nail Tarts - 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Week 2

Hello lovelies!

Here is week 2 of the awesome 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge. This weeks options were 3 colour gradient and pink. So again I combined the 2. 

More Bondi polishes this week:
City Slicker
The Limelight

I also used a base of Sinful Colours - Snow Me White. 

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Night Round Up - 3/10

Hello lovelies!

I'm hoping a weekly round post will be the way to go as posting daily is not something I can keep up with anymore.   

These Rainbow Honey's were a Halloween special a year or so ago. And this is the first in a while I've done a ring finger mani. 

Lately I've been obsessed with some beautiful pink opal rings that I got in my hols from Firat Silver Marmaris so I tried to recreate the look with the above mani. 
I've got to say though Nails Inc - Sloane Street sucks, it doesn't dry right. Gah!

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