Friday, 30 January 2015

Multi-Coloured Chevron Wraps

Hello lovelies!

After the success of the Rebel Nails Wraps I decided to give these ones from Nails Rock a wee go. 

There was a decent variety of colours and sizes. Although I didn't find the application just as smooth. 

And unfortunately despite having the same "should last up to 10 days" I had these off the next evening. 

They just started lifting at the edges and looked quite grotty so I had to remove them. 

It's a shame as they were very pretty. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Rebel Nails - Metallic Aztec Wraps

Hello lovelies!

Long gone are the days where I have time to not only paint my nails every day but also to do nail art. 

It's for this reason I decided to give some nail wraps a go. 

I applied these first thing on a Saturday morning. Application was pretty straight forward. Very little faffing required. 

And what was even more impressive was the fact that they lasted me 6 full days. It does say up to 10 days but I can live with 6. 

The bonus being they were easily removed too. 

I'll definitely be using the others I have. 

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