Monday, 1 July 2019

Armacinda Van Der Tunt

My name is Armacinda, I am a cat person from Russia.  I am 33 years old but I left the mother land when I was 7 years old to attend a London Boarding School.

I would consider myself friendly, outgoing, analytical and observant.  I have a small close group of friends.  They are very protective of me as having people like me considered "upper class" is unheard of in this country.

I fell into my vocation, purely by chance.  It all started when my friend Lottie's sister went missing.  There was a rumour going round that she had eloped with a man she had been seen with, but neither of us believed this as we both knew that she always dreamed of a traditional wedding day and she never would have done anything of the sort without at least telling Lottie, they shared everything!

So I started to investigate, asking around, going to places she had been seen and such, when I stumbled across a member of the local Scotland yard constbulary, PC Price.  Despite being a member of the public he seemed interested in my theories and allowed me to tag along.  Soon we uncovered a Cult, lead by a Goat Man who was gathering himself many unwilling wives.

These girls had all been kidnapped and brainwashed.  The Goat Man and his cohorts were arrested and I worked with the police to rehabilitate and de-programe these poor girls.

It would seem I had a natural talent, something that was noticed by my new comrades.  Scotland Yard offered me an opportunity; to help more people in need and they encouraged this by funding my way through college.

I finished college and was now a qualified Alienist.  Nowadays when I'm not working with the police I am at the local schools trying to help those troubled students turn their lives around.

Friday, 28 June 2019

The Spring Heeled Menace

When will we ever get a normal case?
Magic staff?
Bouncing enemies?
I cannot fathom any of this strangeness.

I take a few days to myself to rest and recover, then I go to the local girls school that I've been in correspondence with in regards to Peggy.  It's nice, not too large and not solely focussed on domesticating the girls but giving them the chance to discover their own passions.  Yes, I think this will be quite perfect for Peggy.

We've made enough money working our cases that I think I should upgrade my workwear.  And perhaps a new weapon?

I also need some fun.  I gather my good friends, we head to our local tavern and we enjoy some gin and giggles.

Devil in the Dark

1 week passes...

After we successfully discovered who "the devil in the dark" was, we headed home, for some well deserved rest.

I was glad to see Peggy and was eager to hear how she was settling in.

A Spiritual Matter...

3 weeks later...

I've been working with Scotland Yard to round up the kids from the Church.  We want them to have a chance at life.  I've been doing my best to source them jobs and apprenticeships to keep them out of trouble.

I've taken in a little 8 year old girld called Peggy.  She seems very petted on to me, how could I not?  I introduce her to the house staff and ask them to teach her all they know.  However I won't just have her doing the domestic work, I want her to try her hand at life so I will be looking into sending her to school but first I will have my work cut out convincing her.

Victoriana Cast Members

Fergal - Elijah Kensington
James - John Hamilton
Cushla - Baroness Aurelia Evans
Josh - Dafydd Thysel

Armacinda Van Der Tunt

My name is Armacinda, I am a cat person from Russia.  I am 33 years old but I left the mother land when I was 7 years old to attend a L...